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Friday 25 April 2014

Kristen Stewart 'angry at Pattinson'

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart allegedly feels betrayed by Robert Pattinson's interest in Katy Perry.

The Twilight actor is rumoured to be romancing singer Katy Perry following his split from Kristen last month.

The couple temporarily parted ways last summer after Kristen's affair with married director Rupert Sanders was discovered and even when they reunited things were rocky.

Despite Kristen's betrayal being at the heart of their problems, the 23-year-old is said to be angry Robert seems to have moved on with Katy.

"Kristen was never fully comfortable with Rob and Katy's relationship. She always suspected he had a soft spot for her," a source told UK magazine Grazia. "She's furious that the pair seem to have got together without so much as a word to her. She seems paranoid that something could have gone on before she split with Rob."

Robert has been enjoying spending more time with 28-year-old Katy.

The British actor has apparently even been staying at the Firework singer's home occasionally.

"He's been having such fun hanging out with Katy and bought her little cat-themed presents, which she loves," an insider shared. "They've also been bonding over their love of antiques. Rob seems really happy - something he never was in the last few months with Kristen."

Adding another dimension to the love triangle is Katy's relationship history with notorious womaniser and musician John Mayer.

Reports have emerged the American singer has recently rekindled his interest in Katy following their split in March this year.

"Katy really likes Rob. But John's renewed interest has really confused her," the source added. "She's aware of his reputation and she knows he's bound to hurt her again, but they've got such a good chemistry."

Earlier this week Katy gushed about John in an interview, saying he has a "beautiful mind, tortured soul" and that she is still "madly" in love with him. The discussion was conducted several months ago.

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