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Kristen Stewart enjoyed nerdy birthday

Kristen Stewart did the "dorkiest thing ever" for her birthday this year.

The actress turned 22 on April 9. Although the star made the most of catching up with friends, she opted for a low-profile activity to celebrate.

"No, I was quite boring this year," she told a UK TV show when asked if she went wild on her birthday. "Even though it felt as though it was my birthday for like a week. I made sure I invited my friends out every night so there was never a night where it was like, 'Kristen!'

"I think I went bowling on my actual birthday, which is like the dorkiest thing ever but it was really fun."

Kristen shot to worldwide fame after starring in the Twilight franchise.

However, before that she appeared in the 2002 movie Panic Room alongside Jodie Foster.

The brunette learnt a great deal from her legendary co-star, including how important it is to work hard on a movie set.

"Jodie, herself is like a crew member. She is another hand on set, prepared to help," Kristen explained. "It was good that at such a young age I was like, 'OK, so that is the point, that is why you do it.'

"She is also just very nice, she is a really great person and that is pretty important."

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