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Kristen Stewart: French is cool

Kristen Stewart desperately wants to speak French fluently.

The Hollywood actress filmed her upcoming movie On the Road in the French-speaking province Quebec, Canada.

Kristen loves the language and can't wait to begin taking lessons.

The star desires to communicate with as many people as possible in their native tongue.

"On On the Road, everyone spoke French. We were primarily in Montreal," Kristen told MTV News. "I spent so much time... and I was just, like, feeling so pathetic. Not only is it a very dope language, it's more like I really want to be able to talk to a few people so badly."

Kristen is also convinced that speaking French would increase her self-esteem.

"When I'm in Paris, I feel like I could be so much [cooler]. I'm like, 'Wow, I could be so cool.' So that's the main inspiration," she explained.

Kristen has recently given up cigarette smoking. The star doesn't like to speak about her cessation.

"You can't acknowledge it or else suddenly ... you can't think about it," she shared.

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