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Kristen Stewart: I do what I want

Kristen Stewart isn't "ashamed" of anything she does.

The actress is famed for her involvement in the Twilight franchise, where she played Bella Swan. Kristen also has the title role in upcoming fantasy blockbuster Snow White and the Huntsman.

Kristen is undeniably famous, but the star won't allow her celebrity status to interfere with her life.

"I do whatever I want," Kristen laughed to E! Online. "You can't be ashamed of what you're doing if you're doing it honestly, and I am. Yeah, it's all good. [My Snow White and the Huntsman co-star and friend] Charlize [Theron] would have something hilarious to say to that, but I'm taking everything way too seriously right now."

Although she may be sober about some elements of her life, Kristen's levelheadedness remains intact.

"I'm super challenged and satisfied, so I'm kind of distracted," she revealed. "I think this situation definitely pulls out the crazy in people but if I was going to be a nutcase, I'd probably be a nutcase doing anything. Right now I'm just pretty happy, so I figure just forge ahead!"

Snow White and the Huntsman will be released in June.

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