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Kristen Stewart: I miss my dogs

Kristen Stewart feels like she is "dying" when she spends time away from her pets.

The actress is currently promoting her new movie Snow White and the Huntsman all over the world. She will also attend the Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of another new film On the Road.

Kristen spends long periods of time away from home and desperately misses her dogs.

"I want now only to be with my boys. I'm dying when I'm away from them," she told New York Post. "My two mutts. A yellow Lab and a shepherd. I can't stand it. They're what I miss."

Kristen plays the role of Snow White in the new fantasy movie, while Chris Hemsworth is the huntsman and Charlize Theron is an evil and jealous queen.

The 22-year-old beauty is desperate to get her hands on the sword her character uses in the film.

"It's classic Snow White but in the Dark Ages. Now the Fairest One of All lives in a dangerous time," she explained. "It's weird to have this - a favourite story of mine growing up - be a fantasy action movie. In this we change the laws of destiny, and it has a sweetness. Parts are endowed with supergoodness. She's really loving, and I tried to humanise it. I didn't like the thought of a protagonist.

"What I want and am still trying to get is the sword. I know someone has it at Universal. The sword is Snow White's good symbol. It's heavy in her hand yet it represents her. I want to put it in my house."

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