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Kristen Stewart: I was a pompous child

Kristen Stewart was a "pompous nine-year-old" when it came to certain auditions.

The actress knew she wanted to act from an early age but there were certain things she refused to do. She remembers being acutely embarrassed when she was asked to dance with a product when trying out for a TV commercial.

"And in those situations I became really like a pompous nine-year-old. I was like: 'I don't want to do those auditions any more. I feel silly,'" she recalled.

"[I asked to ditch one and mom said,] 'Kristen! You have f**king integrity! If you make an appointment, you go. I'll fire your agent tomorrow.'"

The 22-year-old star is renowned for struggling with fame. She finds being interviewed difficult and has slammed the paparazzi in the past.

Kristen still doesn't understand why people can make money from following her going about her everyday life.

"In London, I am perfectly fine, unless I have a trail of parasites behind me," she told British newspaper The Guardian. "But I'm good at evading those little twits. Once I lose them, once no one's trying to make a buck off you, you know, I'm fine - I know at this point that there's a buck to be made, which is weird considering I'm just walking down the street with dirty hair."

The actress explained she is essentially a private person. Sometimes that is mistaken for her being introverted, while she is actually just worrying about things which are going on in her life.

"I'm overtly aware of f**king everything. I'm always like details, little things. Just obsessive, analytical," she said.

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