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Kristen Stewart: I’m confident about my path

Kristen Stewart is the latest star to discuss the unfair ways women are treated in Hollywood, but admits she has never really fallen victim to sexism in the industry.

The 25-year-old actress has become one of the world’s most famous actresses after originally shooting to fame in movies such as Panic Room and the Twilight franchise.

While numerous stars have recently spoken about sexism in Hollywood, Kristen admits she is aware it exists, but has never really been a victim of unfair treatment in the industry.

“It’s nice to have people be like, ‘Hey, good job’,” she told USA Today. “But I’ve always been really confident about my path. It’s hard for me to speak to the whole idea of fewer roles for women, even though it’s absolutely true, because I’m just like, kind of swimming around this Olympic-sized pool of indulgence, which is so unbelievably lucky.”

Kristen made history earlier this year when she took home a best supporting actress Cesar award for her role in Clouds of Sils Maria.

The gongs are the French equivalent of the Oscars, and Kristen has gone down in the history books as she is the first American to ever have won one.

Kristen added in the interview she was stunned when she heard her name called amid the rest of the ceremony, which was conducted entirely in French.

“I’m going to be so real with you — I was in utter disbelief sitting there next to Juliette [Binoche, her co-star], who told me, ‘It is crazy you were even considered to be nominated! No way, no way! They’ll never give it to you!’ So I was just sitting there, we were just hanging out, like, ‘Oh, is this the category?’ And then all of a sudden the row cleared out. It was awesome.”

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