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Kristen Stewart: Life wasn't about Barbie

Kristen Stewart has joked that she was "super into Barbie dolls and craved pink" when she was growing up.

The actress is known for her scruffy appearance and is rarely seen in high heels or feminine clothes. Kristen has always been a tomboy and believes growing up with brothers influenced her.

"Clearly I was super into Barbie dolls and craved pink no!" Kristen laughed when asked by UK TV show Daybreak if having brothers had made her more or less girly when she was younger.

Kristen's latest big screen outing is in Snow White and the Huntsman.

The 22-year-old plays the title role, who in the classic children's fairy-tale is described as 'the fairest of them all'.

The star admits there was a lot of pressure to play such a famous character, but she insists the movie shows that true beauty is about more than having a pretty face.

"You would think that would be quite a daunting part to take on, but the reason the project was so sort of beautiful and attractive to everyone - not to sound completely cliché - in our film fair means a lot more than what you look like," Kristen explained. "If you don't have, it sounds so cliché, but if you don't have the strength of heart to back up your looks then the ugliness seeps out of you."

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