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Kristen Stewart: My career is insane

Kristen Stewart gets an "insane" enjoyment from making films.

The 22-year-old Twilight star has a genuine passion for acting. She insists that the millions of dollars she has made from starring in blockbuster movies is insignificant compared to her love for her craft.

"I'm in an insane position that I would do my job for free and that's something that a lot of people say, but I actually mean it," Kristen told Marie Claire Australia."But you need to need it or else it's not worth doing."

While she loves to act, Kristen is less fond of the celebrity culture that goes hand in hand with being a success in Hollywood.

The notoriously shy star says publicity and promotion are aspects of the job she despises.

"I'm particularly weird because I don't even like being looked at," Kristen confessed. "A lot of actors love it and they love going out and literally doing it as an activity. I hate it."

Kristen was interviewed by the magazine before the news of her affair with married director Rupert Sanders hit the headlines over the summer. During the discussion, Kristen hinted that now the Twilight franchise has come to an end, she isn't sure what the next chapter of her life will hold.

"I'm sort of bored now," Kristen explained. "I wanna work on something and maybe it doesn't have to be an acting job. I've been hanging out with my dogs and my family and, to be honest with you, I'm still catching up on sleep. I've worked for two years solid, literally since Eclipse. But I'm itchy now. I wanna do something."

The actress wonders if she grew up too quickly but denies she is complacent about life. Her tight knit family have helped her become the woman she is today.

"Growing up, my parents weren't overtly strict. They let me be who I wanted to be. It's not like my mom ever sat me down and said, 'You need to be yourself, Kristen,' or, 'Don't take any c**p, Kristen,' although she did say that to me quite a few times," she revealed.

"I thought I was an adult when I was, like, 12. I don't know why. I've never been complacent. I wasn't brought up that way. I'm the youngest in my family and always felt like I had to take care of my brothers. I've always been a worrier."

Kristen opened up about what she terms the misconception that she is complacent and cold in an interview with USA Today.

She insists she isn't unfriendly, just reserved to the point that she is afraid to ask others for help.

"People think I'm fairly unapproachable, which is crazy. If I ever meet anyone who's into Twilight, there's nothing like having someone be like, 'I love that thing.' This is a very relatable feeling," Kristen said.

"My friends literally applaud me when I go ask where the bathroom is. Or if I'm like, 'Can we get another round of drinks?' You really took the bull by the horns! I can't imagine a quality I dislike more in a person [than being entitled]."

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