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Kristen Wiig: I need to party

Kristen Wiig admits that she needs to "blow off steam" on the dance floor from time to time.

The comedienne is highly sought after and juggles her Saturday Night Live gig with various movie opportunities.

The Bridesmaids star admitted her rigorous schedule takes its toll on her and she finds it difficult to remain a healthy work-life balance.

Busting moves at the discotheque helps to clear the star's head.

"It's a six-and-a-half-day week," Kristen said in the March edition of Vogue magazine. "This year I've been an after-after sort of girl. Sometimes I need to blow off steam and go dance really hard."

Although Kristen's schedule is challenging, she said she wouldn't forfeit her job for anything. In her opinion, making people laugh as an occupation is a fantastic profession.

Recalling her worst job ever, Kristen revealed why she isn't cut out for anything else.

"I answered phones in a law office," Kristen explained. "This is going to make me sound so stupid, but the phone system was so confusing, I literally couldn't figure it out. Someone explained it to me, 'OK, well you press this and you put them on hold and you have to transfer them through this thing and then you have to press these two buttons and press 00.' "

Kristen's upcoming comedy Friends with Kids will be released in the US on March 9.

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