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Kristen Wiig: I'm too lazy to be Catwoman

Kristen Wiig would never want to be Catwoman because it involves "too much makeup and diet and fitness".

The comedy actress would never turn down a movie role unless she'd thought about it fully. She likes the idea of testing herself and would happily appear in different genres, leading her to mull over the kind of superhero release she would be best in.

"I wouldn’t be Catwoman, it would take too much energy to be her, it involves too much make-up and diet and fitness. And the black leather wouldn’t be nice when it’s extra hot out. Although [X-Men character] Mystique’s body is amazing, the scales would be too difficult to handle and they'd probably fall off," she told "So, I would be a naked, fleshy villain, with a lot of people around me. I'd have to be totally naked out of shape and I’d live in a white house, just to be different, and because villains always live in like dark places like caves. I totally have all my friends around me. But not people who had an evil streak because villains really like to be separated and be the most mean."

Kristen would break down other barriers too. She would have no interest in going solo in any of her evil plans, because she doesn't think that would be much fun.

The star would need other people to tell her things were going well and allay her fears.

"Yes, I think I would have an army, definitely. I think villains are lonely and they need to have people around them. I’d like to have people around me who were validating what I was doing, like, ‘This is OK what I’m doing, right?’ That, you know, it’s OK to take over the world and it’s not such a bad thing. I think that’s the problem with a lot of villains."

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