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Kristen Wiig recalls mortifying pyjama moment

Kristen Wiig shares her most embarrassing moment in high school, which involves her mother, pyjamas and flat tires.

The American comedienne stars in new comedy Girl Most Likely. She portrays a failed playwright named Imogene who is forced to move back into her embarrassing mother’s house.

Kristen revealed that she doesn’t actually have too many humiliating memories associated with her parent.

But one high school memory in particular remains fresh in her brain.

“My mom drove me to school once in her pyjamas, though,” Kristen recalled to Variety with a smile. “But we got a flat tire one time, so I had to run down the street — like very close to the school.”

Kristen recently revealed she was a rebellious teenager who was often truant from school.

She is happy her hell raising days are over as she is feeling very fulfilled with her new life.

"I went through my rebellious stage in my teens. There was a period when I got into trouble but nothing major. We all have those periods - you do stupid things when you're young, like sneaking out of the house or making prank phone calls," she explained to UK magazine Look recently. "I'm not going to talk about the things that I did, because I'm not that person anymore, and... I apologise to anyone from that period of time who I might have upset."

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