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Sunday 20 April 2014

Kristin Davis: I worried adoption would fall through

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis says she was concerned the birth mother of her adopted daughter would "change her mind."

The Sex and the City star welcomed home Gemma Rose last summer and has quickly bonded with her baby girl.

But she told Anderson Cooper in an interview airing today that she was initially warned not to get too attached in case things didn't work out.

"They tell you that when [your child] first comes, that you should think of it as babysitting in case the birth mom changes her mind," Kristin explained.

"Every state is different, but in [California] it's 48 hours. So you're trying to think that you're a babysitter but that's kind of impossible!

"It is terrifying, partly because with adoption you always know there's the chance that it won't work. So you're kind of on pins and needles."

The 47-year-old said she felt for a long time that adoption would be her route to motherhood.

"I had always thought in the back of my head that I would adopt - that it was a possibility," Kristin shared. "So I started the process but it's quite confusing. There are all these different rules and if you're single it's harder."

Kristin says that when she first brought home her "beautiful healthy daughter" she was overcome with worry about her bundle of joy.

"When I first got her I would sleep with her on my chest, because when you adopt you're very concerned about bonding," she revealed. "You're not supposed to have comforters or anything around, obviously, because they could suffocate."

"So every night I would have these nightmares that she's under the comforter. I still - seven months later - have that. I wake up and be like, 'Where's Gemma? Where's Gemma?... and she's in her crib, safe and sound."

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