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Kristin Davis' SATC struggle

Kristin Davis says the Sex and the City movies were hard to get made because the lead actresses were over 40.

The beautiful brunette played Charlotte York in the smash hit TV show that launched the lead actresses, including Sarah Jessica Parker, into global stardom.

Two films followed, and rumours of a third instalment continue to circulate.

“Oh yeah, it’s always a big struggle. Because we’re four women, leading a franchise, we’re over 40... think of another movie where that’s the case,” Kristin divulged to British TV show This Morning.

“Thank god for our fans. It’s all because of the support from the people.”

The actress remained coy about movie number three, but said she’d be the first on board should it ever get the go-ahead.

“Of course,” she exclaimed when asked if she’d like there to be a new film. “I’d be thrilled if there was another one. I think in our hearts, I shouldn’t speak for all of us, but I feel it’s unfinished. I feel that way and I don’t know if I’d feel that way if the fans weren’t supportive, but maybe because they are, everybody talks to me about it every day still. Like it still feels so relevant in some ways.”

The 49-year-old actress is still fulfilling career ambitions, and is currently preparing to tread the boards in London’s West End.

She’s starring in the theatre version of Fatal Attraction, which has the same scriptwriter, James Dearden, as the 1987 film starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close.

“Every actor wants to be on Broadway, and we want to be on the West End. And I was on Broadway about a year and a half ago, and now to be on the West End is like a dream come true. It’s like a slightly scary dream come true,” Kristin gushed.

The film, which is where the term 'bunny boiler' derived from, was nominated for six Oscars and told the story of a spurned lover.

“I watch the play every day and I’m like, ‘Do not cheat. Do not cheat! It is not worth it’. It’s such a great story because it’s so primal and it’s something you can relate to and you think, ‘Oh thank god this hasn’t happened to me’, hopefully it hasn’t happened to you!” she laughed.

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