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Kristin Scott Thomas ponders career

Kristin Scott Thomas doesn't enjoy the process of filming movies any more.

The Oscar-nominated actress has been a movie regular since the late 80s, but also relishes roles on the stage.

Last year the 54-year-old declared she was ready to give up films, but now it's seems she is having second thoughts.

"When I made that rash declaration - which I enjoyed enormously - I was seriously p**sed off. I took six months off then went into Electra at the Old Vic [theatre, London, UK]. And I have to say that when you're reading words written by Sophocles, it's very hard to go back to 'pass the salt'. I find a lot of scripts frustrating, but someone's just asked me to do another film and I'm tempted," she told Time Out London magazine.

"I used to enjoy the fact that you get on set, unzip, then the camera rummages around and finds something interesting. I don't enjoy that now. It's probably because I've matured. I don't take it so personally any more. I don't feel the need to be understood."

While she considers her next career step, Kristin fans can currently see her in Suite Française. Based upon the lost novel of Jewish writer Irène Némirovsky, who died in the Holocaust, Kristin plays the mean-spirited Madame Angellier in the WWII drama.

Margot Robbie, Michelle Williams and Sam Riley also star.

"It would have been tempting to make her more likeable, but that wasn't what the role required. On the other hand, I also resisted calls to make her more wicked, because I wanted the audience to question why she was being so awful rather than just dismissing her as some cartoon villainess," Kristin explained.

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