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Kruger: I go against the grain

Diane Kruger has never gone along with the "common stream".

The actress was born in Germany but as a young girl followed her dreams by auditioning for a ballet school in London, UK. When an injury put paid to her dancing ambitions, she moved to Paris, France, instead to try her hand at modelling.

She's now a huge Hollywood star and spends most of her time in America, but the 38-year-old admits it's not always been easy.

"It’s not so much cultural. I feel like growing up I always felt like my place wasn’t [where I was]," she admitted to

"I was a ballerina when it was popular to play soccer. I was a model when people would go to college but I was a head shorter than most models so I didn’t really feel like I was really a model and then I went to drama school in Paris but I was German so that added a whole extra layer. You know I just felt like I’ve never really followed the common stream."

Diane stars in TV drama The Bridge, which is filmed in Los Angeles. The city is known for its quirky characters and super-healthy lifestyle, and it took a while for the star to settle in.

"I’ve gotten used to it quite a bit. In the beginning I used to live in New York for many years and I didn’t quite get Los Angeles but now that I’ve been here you get used to the space quite fast, the weather and the space," she explained.

"Like everybody, a lot of people have homes here rather than an apartment, and it’s really nice to have a garden and you’re at the pool. I mean, it feels like a vacation sometimes."

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