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Kruger: I’m actually a boring person

Diane Kruger might appear to have it all, but insists that in real life she is “actually quite boring”.

The 39-year-old actress is in a happy, long-term relationship with Fringe actor Joshua Jackson.

And as she was asked about her personal life in a new interview for Elle Canada’s first ever virtual reality issue, Diane admitted it was probably the actor’s quirkiness that drew her to him.

“I actually find myself quite boring, so I’m always drawn to people who are unafraid of being peculiar and strange,” Diane said. “A lot of my friends are very, very funny, bizarre people—and I’m forever attracted to that.”

As well as her acting skills, Diane has built up a reputation for herself as something of a style icon. But the stunning German-born star is not a fan of her fashionista image, and thinks all the attention on her outfits is another “boring” aspect of her life.

“It just gets a bit boring,” Diane said. “Yes, I read fashion magazines and, yes, I enjoy fashion, but I didn’t become an actress to talk about clothes.

“I don’t really care what anyone thinks, so it takes away the anxiety of thinking ‘Oh, my God, what is everyone going to say?’ Women in Hollywood are constantly being judged by what they wear, which is very silly, so there is this fear that you always have to wear the glitter see-through princess gown or you’re going to get hammered!”

Diane is fully aware that being famous in this day and age involves a certain aspect of sharing on social media.

But she has worked hard to disassociate her public and private personas.

“I’m on Instagram and I am sharing a certain version of myself that I want to share with people,” she said.

“Germans are naturally a little more reserved. But, at the same time, I don’t have anything to hide. I don’t know the people on social media, so I wouldn’t share everything that goes on in my life with them anyway.”

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