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Krysten Ritter: J-Law is so cute!

Krysten Ritter has praised Jennifer Lawrence for being a "beautiful actress".

The 32-year-old actress is a massive fan of the Oscar-winning star, especially in her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games franchise.

When asked about her favourite films of the year, Krysten couldn’t help but gush about Jennifer and the adventure flicks.

“Her, I loved Her. Enough Said, loved that movie. 12 Years a Slave. And The Hunger Games [:Catching Fire]. Here’s the thing: never once in that movie was I like, ‘What time is it?’ Ever. When it ended - I read the books too, so I knew when it was ending - I was like, ‘No! More!’ I may watch it tonight in the hotel,” she told Collider.

“And [Jennifer Lawrence is] just adorable. She’s such a beautiful actress in her performance. Physically as well. All of that in her eyes. She’s not too terrible that girl. She’s pretty special.

“Last night when I got in, and you turn on the TV, it’s like, ‘Now playing in your hotel,’ over and over and over, and I was in the bathtub, and I just heard they got The Hunger Games, they got The Wolf of Wall Street? I’ll be all right.”

Krysten is known for her comical performances on the big screen. This year she can be seen in the film adaptation of hit TV show Veronica Mars, in which she plays Gia Goodman.

The raven-haired star enjoyed reuniting with the cast and catching up with those she hasn’t seen over the years.

“That’s exactly what it was; it was a high school reunion. And everyone looks good. Everyone’s like, ‘You look exactly the same!’ ‘Oh no, you do!’ ‘You’re beautiful, you’re so thin!’ It was all a vanity fest, but I think that was the most exciting part of all doing this movie, just spending time with these people,” Krysten smiled.

“This is a great cast. Ryan Hansen, obviously. Our first five minutes is me bummed that I didn’t get to spend an hour with him. And Kristen [Bell] is so funny. She’s a grown up now and she’s got a baby, and that's exciting - to stay a part of each other’s lives. That was so cool. I was so happy to be there.”

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