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KStew is ‘no diva’

Kristen Stewart’s Camp X-Ray costar says she is “a blast”.

The actor stars with Kristen in upcoming film Camp X-Ray. According to Lane, the Twilight star has many hidden talents.

“Kristen Stewart is an amazing athlete and an amazing golfer. We built a driving range on the set of Camp X-Ray and she can hit the ball perfectly straight like 220 yards. She’s awesome,” he told Hollywood Life. “Great golfer, she can throw a football pretty well, and she’s really good at basketball. We had a blast — she was having a great time!”

The Prison Break star goes on to reveal Kristen was extremely down to earth and personable on set. He insists the actress was a pleasure to work with and the finished product is going to impress people.

“She’s great in this movie — no diva antics whatsoever,” Lane said. “This film’s going to be very powerful. It’s about Guantanamo Bay and what we should do with the detainees down there so I think it’s going to be very powerful.”

The 33-year-old says Kristen was always keeping active, and he enjoyed spending time with her. According to Lane, the One The Road star was just one of the guys.

“Working with Kristen was phenomenal. I have nothing but great things to say about her. She’s a total tomboy and she loves sports. We were playing basketball or throwing the football every day in the prison. We set up a driving range there,” he told Parade magazine.

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