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Kylie Minogue addicted to performing

Kylie Minogue says her career is "addictive" and has joked about "post-tour depression".

The Australian singer is known for putting on spectacular live shows all over the world. Kylie has been releasing hit singles since the '80s and insists the shine hasn't worn off her job. The 44-year-old star may be hooked on the adrenaline that comes with being on stage.

"Well apparently, post-tour depression has been clinically recognised," she told the latest edition of UK magazine Glamour. "Your little adrenal glands gear up for that explosion of amazingness! And then it stops and you're 'What? Who turned out the lights?'

"I have not bouts of depression, but you're bound to have comedowns. Even the video shoot I just did. I was so flat two days afterwards, just, 'Oh, is this real life, is this it?' So I try to remind myself, 'It's a comedown.' It is addictive, doing what I do."

Kylie also spoke about her love life.

She has been dating Spanish model Andres Velencoso since 2008 and describes herself as a "serial monogamist".

Although she is smitten with the hunk, Kylie isn't too worried about getting married anytime soon. She blames her star sign for her reluctance to walk down the aisle.

"It could happen," she said when quizzed on marriage. "But as Catherine Tate's character says, 'I ain't bovvered.' I think the idea of being trapped in any way, shape or form makes me feel nuts."

When pushed on whether she would feel trapped by tying the knot, Kylie replied: "In my mind, yeah - and that's got nothing to do with the person, but that's how I feel: if I'm trapped in clothes, if I'm trapped into a contract, if I'm trapped in a relationship. I've read it's a Gemini thing; it's about having space. In a relationship, I'm in it and that's enough."

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