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Kylie Minogue: Future is bright

Kylie Minogue predicts that her famed gold hot pants could make "a special appearance" in a café-bar dedicated to her career.

The Australian singer has been making records for over 20 years and sometimes wonders what it'll be like when she stops performing.

Kylie has mused about Dolly Parton's theme park Dollywood, saying she might set up something similar in future years.

"Kyliewood! Kylie-would-what? Well, myself, my tour manager and assistant, we've joked for ten years that it's all going to settle down and we'll end up in Queensland with The Kylie Café. We'll be telling stories about the good old days. 'So, which cocktail would you like? The Showgirl? Spinning Around?'" she laughed to the latest edition of UK Glamour.

"But now I think, I would love to have a cool café-bar where we have my amazing props and people get to experience the magic of a show. And hot waiters! Maybe the gold hot pants could make a special appearance."

Kylie wore the famed thigh-baring shorts in the promo for her 2000 track Spinning Around.

The star is 42-years-old and has no plans of slowing down. She tries not to think too far ahead and hopes she can continue singing for years to come.

"I don't know what I'll be doing in uh!... 16 years. Unless you decide to make a big change, or you're forced to, things will probably just keep going, if I'm lucky enough," she said.

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