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Kylie Minogue: High heels help my romance

Kylie Minogue has joked god "invented high heels" so that couples with a significant height difference could communicate.

The petite star is currently dating Spanish model, Andrés Velencoso. Kylie has revealed that "old-fashioned gravity" has kept her so tiny, and says it might become a problem in her relationship if she shrinks anymore.

"I'm still waiting for my growth spurt. It's never too late. I'm sure I'm going to end up about 4ft 10. My boyfriend is around 6ft 4, so we'll end up communicating with walkie-talkies in the future. But I guess that's why god invented high heels," she laughed in an interview with Stylist magazine.

Kylie is renowned for her sweet temperament. However, the pop songstress insists it isn't pretty when she loses her temper.

"Scarily quiet," she revealed when asked what she's like when she loses her cool.

"Like the thunderstorm is coming, impending doom! It takes a lot to make me snap and there are a few who have lived to tell the tale!"

Kylie has continually reinvented herself over her career spanning around 25 years. The beauty owes her longstanding success in the industry to her dedicated behind-the-scenes team.

"Over time, I discovered what worked for me. Part of my work as a performer is solitary, in that I am the one up there doing it, and I have to deal with all the mental and physical challenges that brings: accepting and working on my abilities, my insecurities etc. and doing the best I can. But from the very beginning, working in television, I was part of a team," she said.

"Everyone has their job to do and the show doesn't happen without every part of the machine working in harmony. I guess I carried this through with me and to this day I appreciate all the work my team do to help me shine."

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