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Léa Seydoux: I hope Bond chemistry convinces

French actress Léa Seydoux feels like her turn in Spectre is the first time she's ever really played a woman.

Actress Léa Seydoux is nervous her chemistry with Daniel Craig won't work on screen.

Bond fans are preparing themselves for the latest 007 instalment, Spectre, which hits cinemas from October 26 (15). Daniel steps back into the sleuth's shoes and is joined by Léa, Monica Bellucci and Christoph Waltz this time around. While Léa may be an experienced actress, Bond threw up new challenges.

"Yes, I was quite afraid, I have to say," she confessed to Britain's Metro newspaper. "Because for me, a Bond girl in my mind is seductive... she's a woman, she's sure of herself; it's something I've never played before in a film. My character's are always kind of tortured and not very feminine. They don't have a very obvious femininity. It was, I think, the first time I really played a woman.

"Even acting with Daniel I was like, 'He looks like a man. And me, I feel like a little girl! I hope the chemistry will work!'"

Being cast in a Bond flick is on a lot of Hollywood stars' wish lists, and for Léa it was no different. However there's no sitting back and relaxing for the 30-year-old French beauty, as she's got a lot more to achieve.

"I feel like I've just started," she smiled. "I mean... yeah, I'm not bored at all, because I'm still frightened, I think. I'm always scared to act. I think I'd be bored the day I'm not scared. And I think that in a way, I'm scared that I'm addicted to this."

Hopefully she'll be less nervous in auditions going forward though, as for Spectre she was so wound up she needed a beer to steady her nerves before trying out. "I thought, 'Oh, I'm going to have those to relax myself,'" she recalled. "I lost my lines and I had a panic attack and I was like, 'I'm so sorry, I don't know. I forgot my lines!'"

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