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Léa Seydoux: I'm a scaredy-cat

Actress Léa Seydoux likes that she's still transparent enough to go unnoticed.

French actress Léa Seydoux has a long list of things she's scared of, including parts of her James Bond shoot.

The star is currently living out many actress' fantasy as a Bond girl in the latest 007 instalment, Spectre. She may appear tough on screen, but in real life Léa is plagued by numerous fears.

“I am scared of many things. I hate to fly (Xanax helps), I hate heights, I have a fear of space – everything," she insisted to Australia's GQ. "I was scared of shooting in the desert (for Spectre), so hot and empty. I was afraid of going up the mountain and doing the stunts. I didn’t feel comfortable with them (guns), but it’s Bond quoi.

“And with acting you never know if you’ll be able to do it – but then the camera’s on and you do it. With acting, I am always scared, but I like it and I’m addicted to that fear in a way.”

Spectre is just the latest in a long list of achievements which prove Léa is never scared to take the plunge. In 2013 she starred in drama Blue Is the Warmest colour, a lesbian drama that left Léa questioning her own sexuality. She's also appeared in cinema hits like The Grand Budapest Hotel and Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol in recent years. Despite her many screen appearances, the 30-year-old actress gets away with a relatively anonymous life.

“I need to be transparent to observe the world – I’m sure it’s terrible to be recognised all the time because you can’t hide," she pondered. "For me, I’m not too famous. I get to work with great people, but I don’t have the faux – you know? I walk in the street and take the subway. I’m not known everywhere. And I love it when people don’t know you, it’s nice.”

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