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Léa Seydoux's lonely childhood

Léa Seydoux describes herself as a "very lonely" child.

The French actress is the daughter of businessman Henri Seydoux and Valérie Schlumberger. She and her six siblings grew up in the lavish area Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Despite growing up surrounded by her family Léa admits she struggled in her own skin as a child.

"I had a big family, but I felt lost in the crowd. I was very lonely as a kid. Really I always had the feeling I was an orphan. My mother was in Africa and my father was working, so he was not there. They were separated, so it was... a little chaotic," she told British newspaper the Evening Standard.

"When I was a child I couldn't really understand what was happening in the world. School was very difficult. It was by watching people that I learned to understand the world. Early on, when I was about ten, I understood that I wanted to grab my life."

This determination remained with Léa when it came to following her acting dream. She was keen to get where she wanted to in life and not let people's impressions of her get in the way.

"I had to fight for survival. It probably sounds strange to say this, when people think you come from a very bourgeois family, but it was not a classic big family, no, not at all. In some ways it was very privileged, but in other ways..." she trailed off.

The 28-year-old beauty is currently in a happy relationship. When asked whether she believes in the institution of marriage, Léa gave a mixed response.

"I never believed in marriage, but now I'm in love, I think maybe. We still need to believe in things - we need discipline," she sighed. "I don't believe in the religious side, but as a civil act - yes. But I don't really care about marriage."

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