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Léa Seydoux's star studded childhood

Léa Seydoux couldn't believe Sir Mick Jagger was as famous as Michael Jackson when they first met.

The 29-year-old French actress had an interesting childhood as her mother Valérie Schlumberger used to be an actress and costume designer and her father Henri Seydoux is the founder of a big technology company. On top of that, her grandfather is the chairman of film company Pathé and her step-mother a model-and-actress.

All this meant stars were regularly coming and going from the family home, and even their holidays were beset with the A-list.

"It was part of our education, but we were more observing from afar, we were the children in the corner," she recalled to Porter magazine. "I remember the first time I saw Mick Jagger. We were on holiday in Mustique and he was driving this little car around the island in his flip-flops. I turned to my sister and said, 'Is he really famous?' and Camille [sister] said, 'Yeah! He is as famous as Michael Jackson.' And I was like, 'No way!' because Michael was my god at the time."

Léa and Camille have been close all their lives and used to have fantasy worlds when they were little. They would invent games and characters and play dress up, with their favourite stories girlie ones line Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Léa believes there was an important reason for that.

"They were like a refuge for me, Camille too," she explained, then trying to state why she was so drawn to the women in fairytales. "They have their own destiny, their own struggle. They fight for their rights in a way. There's a happy ending, but they are female leading characters. When I was little, all these stories of girls who become women... it's very psychological."

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