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Lachey: I’m happy Simpson marriage is over

Nick Lachey reveals he has not spoken to his ex-wife Jessica Simpson in more than half a decade and that his former father-in-law Joe Simpson had a habit of pinching his buttcheeks.

The 98 Degrees singer was married to Jessica Simpson for over three years before officially separating in 2005.

Jessica’s parents Joe Simpson and Tina Simpson finalised their divorce after 34 years of marriage in April.

It is rumoured Joe caused the separation by having multiple affairs with men.

Nick is now happily married with new wife Vanessa and the couple welcomed a son last September.

The star appeared on TV programme Watch What Happens Live this week with his band 98 Degrees.

When asked by host Andy Cohen what “the best thing about no longer having Joe Simpson as a father-in-law” is, Nick was blunt.

"What is the best thing about not having Joe Simpson as a father-in-law ... I don't have to play grab a*s under the table on Easter Sunday," he laughed.

Nick considers his union with Jessica ancient history.

The pair, who starred in reality series Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica for three seasons, haven’t spoken in quite some time.

"Wow. Is this the part where I can plead the Fifth? It's been years [since I've talked to Jessica]. Years. Honestly, probably six years," Nick said.

"It was like another lifetime ago.

"I have not [watched our reality show]. As you can imagine, that's not popular viewing in my house. We don't sit around as a family and watch the old DVDs.”

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