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Lady Gaga 'believes in crystals'

Lady Gaga is a "great believer" in crystal healing.

The Judas singer is currently preparing to hit the road for her Born This Way Ball tour.

Gaga reportedly spent thousands of pounds on crystal pacifiers to suck on for good luck while she's travelling. These stones, which may include agate and aegirine, are said to promote energies like "creativity" and "sexuality".

Gaga finds comfort and inspiration in these new age bijous.

"Gaga is a great believer in these crystals," a source told British newspaper The Sun. "She's got them all over her pad and she has had them made into dummies so she can take them on tour."

The songstress believes that her consciousness is positively altered by the presence of these gems.

"Gaga thinks sucking the crystal will install the energies in her body and mind quicker," the source explained. "It sounds strange but she's adamant they work."

Gaga's Born This Way Ball global tour begins on April 27 in Seoul before making its way to Europe.

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