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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Lady Gaga sets first post-surgery performance

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga will reportedly perform for the first time in months this September since she underwent debilitating hip surgery earlier this year.

The superstar suffered from synovitis, a severe inflammation of joints, and a labral tear earlier this year that required hip surgery.

The star had to cancel the remaining dates on her Born This Way Ball concert tour in February due to her health issues and her new album ARTPOP was put on hold.

Gaga was wheelchair bound for a good portion of 2013, but is now back on her feet and apparently booking gigs.

According to British newspaper The Sun, Gaga will perform to around 3,300 people at London’s legendary Roundhouse venue in September.

Apparently the concert is being hosted by the iTunes Festival and the show will also serve as a proper launch for ARTPOP.

The star’s team Haus of Gaga is reportedly sparing no expense for the lavish affair, as there is a production budget of £500,000.

“The gig in Camden has a huge budget and is likely to be the first anyone sees or hears of her album,” a source told The Sun. “The Haus Of Gaga team have been working in secret on costumes and stage sets for the show from their base in Paris."

It is rumoured ARTPOP is unlike anything Gaga has ever produced before.

Her show at Roundhouse is said to be incredibly important to the star, as she is committed to exploring novel musical realms.

“Gaga’s dancers have also been rehearsing but she’s only told her closest friends about the new direction she’s taking,” the insider said. “The music is going to be a big departure and Gaga’s dreamed up a whole new image for the album.”

Apparently fans will have to enter an iTunes contest in order to win tickets to see Gaga’s grand return performance.

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