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Lake Bell defends rom-coms

Lake Bell thinks there’s “something kind of classic and sweet” about her new movie.

The 36-year-old actress stars in Man Up alongside British actor Simon Pegg. The romantic comedy is about a blind date gone wrong, and Lake loved the whole concept of the movie.

“There are so many rom-coms that apologise for being a romantic comedy, or they are mean-spirited to be edgy, and this was the antithesis of that,” she told British magazine Look. “It’s very modern, but there’s something kind of classic and sweet about it.”

Lake was born in New York and as well as living in the Big Apple, she’s also resided in Florida and Connecticut. But for Man Up, the star had to ditch her American twang and take on a British accent, as the film is set in London.

“I did think, I just want to play the comedy and truth of this character without thinking about the accent,” she confessed. “So whatever work I have to do for months ahead of time, I want to put in the hours and the commitment. And so that resulted in me explicitly speaking in the accent from the beginning. In a cab, the shops, going out. I gave a speech at the end of filming and until then the majority of the crew didn’t know I was American!”

Lake loved getting to spend so much time in the English capital, especially as it was her first chance to take on a lead role on the big screen. Before Man Up she was known for playing the funny best friend in movies like What Happens in Vegas alongside Cameron Diaz.

“I like characters that, in other films, would be supporting characters!” she laughed. “Maybe in another movie I’d be the kooky friend of another... blonde woman. But in this film, this is [my character’s] story.”

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