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Lamar ‘in out-patient rehab’

Lamar Odom has reportedly checked into an out-patient rehab programme, but blew off a meeting with his counsellor.

The 33-year-old sportsman is thought to have a problem with crack cocaine, with separate speculation that he is addicted to prescription medication Oxycontin and Ambien.

Although he seems to have taken a step forward by joining the program, Lamar allegedly failed to turn up for an appointment with his drug advisor on Tuesday, suggesting he is not ready for recovery.

“Lamar had been scheduled to meet with a counsellor on Tuesday, but blew off the meeting,” a source told “Sadly, it doesn’t appear that Lamar is on track to getting healthy.”

This move comes after the star, who is married to Khloé Kardashian, was rumoured to have checked into a facility last week for just 24 hours.

His actions are apparently also frustrating for his sports agent Jeff Schwartz, who has been by the ex-Los Angeles Lakers player’s side throughout the ordeal.

"[Jeff is] frustrated with Lamar because he is trying to get him to realise he must go back to rehab,” the insider added. “Lamar just shuts down the topic whenever it’s brought up. When Jeff or anyone pushes Lamar to get help, he just abruptly ends the telephone call and lets future calls go to voicemail. There is only so much Lamar’s inner circle can do... those that love him, including Khloé, cannot persuade him.”

In addition to his reported drug problems, Lamar is facing new allegations he has cheated on Khloé.

Graduate student Sandy Schultz, 33, recently stepped forward claiming the pair had an affair.

Sandy claims she had a relationship with Lamar before the curvaceous socialite came on the scene.

"Khloé didn't care about breaking up me and Lamar. And now karma is coming back around," Sandy insisted.

"I was very much in love with him. I loved his openness and his sexuality. My nickname for him was Lam Lam, and to hear Khloé calling him that now is like a dagger through my heart.”

Lamar has denied his drug problems, claiming to TMZ "life is good". He even insisted his marriage is fine.

Asked whether he had talked to Khloé recently he said, “That’s my wife! Of course!”

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