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Lamar Odom: Khloé run in was set up

Lamar Odom has threatened to release secrets about Khloé Kardashian unless she starts speaking up for him.

The sportsman was married to the reality TV star between 2009 and 2013, with the pair finally signing divorce papers in July.

Yesterday it was reported that Khloé had been left shaken after Lamar ambushed her outside a SoulCycle class in Los Angeles, with the basketball star said to have verbally assaulted her and an onlooker offering to call police. There were then reports Khloé was considering filing for a restraining order and getting a bodyguard.

Lamar has now lashed out about the allegations, insisting there is no truth to what is being suggested. He claims it was Khloé who approached him to come and meet her after she'd finished exercising.

"I am not, not, not the person that they're trying to make me out to be - whoever's doing it. I live in Las Vegas. I live in Las Vegas. So was there an address or place given? Listen, was there an address or place given, or I just guessed right? Don't put words in my mouth, wait until I finish talking. Did I just guess right? Where this girl might be, that I know?" he fumed to TMZ

"Now I'm asking you. You know I know Khloé, right? Personally, right? You know I know her? So how would you think that I ended up there?"

When the reporter suggested Khloé might have spoken to Lamar, the sportsman agreed. This seemed to calm him down, although he then became passionate when talking about how his marriage breakup has affected him.

It has been alleged that Lamar was unfaithful while married to Khloé and battled a drug addiction. She has never spoken about what went on behind closed doors fully, simply saying she kept a lot hidden from her family.

"It's hard for me to keep my composure. For everybody that I know and that supports me I'm sorry, but the dog has to fight back. That's it," Lamar said. "Y'all beat me down, degraded me, said I would do everything in the world; I'm a womaniser, a f**king drug addict, everything. Know what I'm saying? [I] probably couldn't even get f**king hired from Home Depot right now, because of how people look at me. It's over. If it happens again, I will air everything out."

The star then clarified his previous comments, insisting the allegations that he scared his former wife yesterday are completely untrue. He is both angry and upset about what's been reported and appeared to hint that he would have expected someone from Khloé's side to speak up for him.

"Nobody got followed, nobody got hassled, nobody got harassed, nobody got grabbed on, none of that. None of that happened," he insisted.

"Probably was the most hurtful part was I beat it to the punch. I didn't wanna come up here. Somebody should be calling up here saying, 'Hell no, that didn't happen.' That's ridiculous, it's crazy. I don't know what type of move it is, I don't know. It's just not the truth man."

Lamar also slammed TMZ, saying he doesn't agree with how it reports things and follows celebrities. He has no interest in social media, claiming the fame aspect of his life only happened because he genuinely fell in love with Khloé. He alleges media stirs up "beef" between rappers and other stars.

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