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Lamar's 'drug rap'

Footage of Lamar Odom rapping about taking drugs and being unfaithful has surfaced.

The basketball star has been the subject of much speculation in recent months, following claims he had affairs and has been abusing drugs. Now TMZ has released footage of the 34-year-old athlete, which was allegedly recorded this month.

In the three-minute clip, Lamar and a friend are both topless as they dance around and rap about taking drugs, being unfaithful and making money without the NBA.

“Lamar appears out of it, rapping about making money off his fragrance Unbreakable, and how he smokes drugs to make ‘the pain go away’,” reports the website.

Lamar seems to suggest that he has met up with other women when his reality TV star wife is away working.

"And when Khloé's out of town / I still be on the DL," he says.

"You know what it is / We the QU [Queens] pimps / Ask any of these shorties / We ran through their cribs," adds his friend.

During the rap, Lamar also refers to Kanye West – the fiancé of Khloé’s sister Kim Kardashian.

Lamar is currently in Rhode Island, where he is said to be training for an NBA comeback at his alma mater, the University of Rhode Island.

On Wednesday evening he was spotted in a Rhode Island bar, where he was asked to pose for photos with fans. He is believed to have bought a round of shots for everyone in the establishment.

Lamar was quizzed on the status of his marriage last week.

"Khloé and I are fine,” he supposedly said to pupils at the university.

“She's in Australia right now and I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again soon."

Khloé appears to be blissfully unaware of her husband’s controversial rap video.

She has been getting closer to nature during her trip to Australia.

“I can't believe I met a baby koala today at the Taronga Zoo! Look at those faces (sic),” she wrote on her Twitter page earlier today, together with photos of her posing with the koala.

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