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Lambert: I have 15 rescue animals

Miranda Lambert and her husband Blake Shelton are designing their new house with pets in mind.

The 31-year-old Grammy-winning country crooner is married to fellow musician Blake Shelton.

The pair are preparing to move into their new house soon and Miranda has ensured the rooms in the abode will include special designs for their pets.

"A friend of mine recently said, 'I can see your Pinterest boards, and all you have on there are dog rooms,'" Miranda revealed in the June issue of Country Living magazine. "My husband and I have 15 rescue animals, and I spend way too much time planning our pets' spaces. I'm like, okay, I probably need Miranda Lambert to move on to the laundry room!"

Miranda was raised in the small town of Lindale, Texas, which boasts a population of just over 5,000 people.

She loved growing up in a rural environment and aspects of her childhood home are definitely going to be incorporated into her new house with Blake.

"Growing up, my house was basically condemned when we got it, but my mother was determined to make it awesome. It had mismatched carpet, and the halls were creaky," Miranda recalled. "But those little things that were imperfect were what made it perfect. It's funny, because I had friends with really nice houses – with pools! – and they always wanted to come to our house. I think our home just had love. I think that's why country music resonates with so many people."

Her other half Blake is more concerned about the grounds on their property.

Miranda predicts he’ll be spending a lot of time digging up dirt when they move in.

"My dad taught me to live off the land. I now have my own garden, but Blake is really the gardener," she gushed. "This year, we're planting tomatoes and strawberries to make jam. I have a little downtime this summer, so I'm looking forward to this task."

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