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Lambert: I’m a bit jaded

Adam Lambert thinks his track Ghost Town is a “great opening statement” to his new album.

The former American Idol contestant has just released new track Ghost Town - his first song in three years. And the 33-year-old believes the tune is a great taster of what’s to come from his new album, The Original High.

“I think lyrically what I like about it is that I’m talking about things in Ghost Town that are, you know, kind of me realising may be I’ve gotten a little bit jaded, maybe I’m questioning if I’m going to be able to fall in love again, what is this world giving to me?” he told MTV. “But it’s not completely hopeless because there is that dance beat and it’s a great opening statement for the album because I go into further detail on the other songs about these feelings.”

Adam’s last record was the 2012 hit Trespassing and since then the star has hit the road with his own music as well as performing with legendary rock band Queen. His experiences have given him a new outlook on life, and he feels a lot more relaxed recording this album than his last.

“I was really hard on myself during the last process and I’m really proud of the last album I put out. I did a lot of really hard work on it and I have some amazing music on it, but I was taking it all a bit too seriously,” he admitted. “And what was happening is that I don’t think I was enjoying myself as much, and this whole project from start to finish has just been a lot more fun for me, and I stopped over thinking everything as much, I started to just trust myself a little bit more.”

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