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Lange: Retirement is imminent

Jessica Lange feels like her career has seen many lifetimes.

The 66-year-old has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout her career including two Oscars, five Golden Globes and three Emmys. But after so many years at the top, Jessica admits she’s close to calling it a day.

“I've been in the process of retiring for the last 30 years,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “It's becoming more and more imminent. By next near I will have been doing this for 40 years, which seems like many lifetimes. I do think, ‘It's been great, but now I'm done.’ Maybe move on to something entirely different.”

Her many accolades mean that Jessica is widely considered as one of the greatest actresses of our time. She won her Academy Awards for Tootsie and Blue Sky, while her most recent Golden Globe win was for her work on the TV series American Horror Story. And during her chat with the outlet, Jessica revealed its hard to turn her back on something she still loves.

“My kids always tease me, ‘You've been retiring since we've known you!’ It's true. But the thing about acting, it's so seductive,” she said. “You get drawn into a role … it's like a love affair. There's something really alive about it, and you remember why you were doing it to begin with. It can still seduce you after 40 years, which is kind of amazing.”

When asked what she would do if she did finally accept retirement, Jessica wasn’t 100 per cent sure.

“I've only done two things in my life — be a waitress and an actress. So I'd probably do something far afield,” she added. “I've even thought, "What if I studied to be a falconer?"

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