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Larter: Pregnancy’s lost charm

Ali Larter is thrilled to be expecting her second child with husband Hayes MacArthur.

The 38-year-old star is expecting her second child with husband Hayes MacArthur this winter.

The couple also shares three-and-a-half-year-old son Teddy. And while Ali can’t wait to welcome the family’s new addition, she confesses this time she’s not slowing down.

“The first pregnancy was such a magical time, everything’s so new and enchanting,” she told, explaining,“[Now] I’m working and running around… things don’t really slow down, so it’s a little bit less charming.”

The actress insists that doesn’t mean she’s not thrilled to be expecting.

“That being said, I feel like so blessed and lucky to be having our baby,” she said.

With not long to go, she’s now focused on keeping her died clean, although pregnancy she admits is “the one time” she’s not as strict about what she eats.

“I try to be healthy. I’ll eat green, but a salad is not a meal for me when I’m pregnant,” she joked.

Ali added she hopes to start taking it easy “in a month or so”.

Her comments came shortly after she spoke about preparing little Teddy for his new sibling.

“I’ve started giving him presents from his little baby brother or sister,” she previously revealed to People, musing, “We’re definitely working him, bribing him, whatever we have to do to make sure he doesn’t sneak into that crib and dangle that baby by its feet.”

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