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Lauper loves electro-pop

Cyndi Lauper has mixed pop and electronic music together for a mainstream audience.

One of the stand-out stars from the 1980s, Cyndi is still making and touring with her music.

The 60-year-old uses not just pop influences in her sets, but also electronic dance music, a genre she first dipped her toes into 30 years ago with her Bring Ya to the Brink album.

"It was always meant to be mainstreamed I always thought that electronic music mixed with pop would work. And I think Avicii's album is a really interesting album and Van Buuren's stuff is really great," she said of some of her favourite influences.

"And that's the really mainstream pop stuff. I think that the electronic stuff that sounds like video games is fun," she told The Village Voice.

The Girls Just Want to Have Fun singer stepped back into the spotlight earlier this year with own reality show Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual, which documented her juggling work and family life.

Currently on her 30th anniversary tour, She's So Unusual, Cyndi shares stories from the stage as well as performing.

"I hate doing the same thing all the time. I try to make the stories funny... Everyone seems to love this album, so this was my gift back to my fans," she said.

On top of her media commitments, the veteran star is also heavily involved with the charity she co-founded, True Colors Fund, which works with gay and transgender homeless youth.

"We try now to educate people and also educate them about different programs that bring families together so they can discuss issues before the kids run away or are thrown out.

"A lot of times, the kids are bullied, and a lot of times the kids go to shelters and are rejected. We have some wonderful people working for us, and there's a big, fat light at the end of that tunnel," she explained.

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