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Laura Linney: I like flying solo

Laura Linney and Sir Ian McKellen both like being by themselves.

The actress usually has a jam-packed filming schedule, with hits like TV show The Big C and movie The Fifth Estate making a big impression over the last few years.

However, when she's not working, there's nothing Laura enjoys more than her own company.

"Well I think there is a big difference between loneliness and alone. I love alone. I need some alone time, I do," she smiled to Cover Media. "I like to ponder and think and I like to have my mind float around and touch on people I've known and memories, desires and wishes and problems and all of that.

"Loneliness can be very, very hard. And loneliness can drive somebody crazy. It really, really can."

Laura is gearing up for the release of Mr. Holmes, a story about an ageing Sherlock Holmes, played by Sir Ian McKellen.

Ian has his own view of loneliness, admitting he often has conflicting thoughts about his downtime.

"I am alone, but I'm not lonely. And if I am at home, half of me is dying to get out, and when I'm out, most of me is dying to get back home. But working and forced sociability, I do enjoy," he said.

"I like people," Laura added. "I like meeting people I think are odd and interesting, complicated and surprising. I sort of like being around people, but then like anything else, there is only so much you can take in. And I find I get to a point where I need to go... I don't know, be quiet."

Loneliness is a theme that runs through their new movie. Laura plays Mrs. Munro, the housekeeper of Sherlock's country farmhouse, where she lives with her young son Roger.

"I think Mrs. Munro is very lonely, and Sherlock has been lonely by choice. So there's also the difference between the two of us, someone who has exiled themselves and someone who's been robbed of partnership," Laura mused.

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