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Lauren Goodger: My Jake romance has matured

Lauren Goodger says she and Jake McLean have grown up and matured, which is why their romance now works.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star initially parted ways from Jake in 2013 after a string of arguments, with Jake later lashing out at her on Twitter.

Although the breakup seemed acrimonious the couple have managed to move on, reuniting earlier this year.

"We know each other quite well now. We’ve definitely grown up and matured. We’re in a totally different place," Lauren told MailOnline. "Sometimes you do feel like you need a little break to realise you want to be with each other. It can be healthy. You come back and do it properly, and that’s what we’ve done."

The star is already thinking about the future, and firmly believes Jake is a part of that. At the moment they don't have plans to get married, although Lauren can't wait until she is ready to walk down the aisle and have children.

She has already cemented her relationship by getting a tattoo of Jake's name on her wrist, something he's thrilled about.

"When I saw Lauren’s tattoo, I thought – that’s about time! I got mine done a year and a half ago," he laughed.

Jake is totally supportive of his girlfriend and believes there are big things in store for her. He'd love to see her with her own TV show, especially as he gets annoyed by rumours he hears about his love.

"I've been saying to Lauren for ages that she should have her own show," he said. "She's done so much in her career and people need to see her for who she really is. There’s no many people’s false opinions, she needs to clear it up."

Lauren also credits her beau with helping her feel body confident. The 28-year-old star has slimmed down recently and now feels very happy with her appearance, something she believes is in part because of her age.

It seems Jake is a fan of her new look too.

"Anything I say about our sex life is X-rated, as in too rude to print," she told British magazine Closer this week

"Jake bought me £500 worth of underwear from Agent Provocateur It makes you feel great. But with Jake whatever I wear isn't on for long."

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