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Laverne Cox: I feel transgender pressure

Laverne Cox thinks the prominence of transgender celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner in the media right now is an amazing development.

The Orange Is the New Black star was born a man and is the first openly transgender person to have been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in an acting category.

But Laverne admits being a prominent member of the LGBTQ community can sometimes create anxiety.

"I feel nervous and I feel the pressure all the time, and I always try to remember that it's not about me, it's about God," she told People magazine about her thoughts on representing the transgender community. "It's about me connecting to my purpose, connecting to God's will for me. And I try to be a vessel for that mission and that message and, in the process, I try to take myself and my ego and all that stuff out of it."

Laverne thinks it’s a great time to be transgender in Hollywood.

She is moved by recent news headlines created by LGBTQ celebrities, like Caitlyn Jenner – who was Bruce Jenner until recently unveiling her new identity.

“For years and years, I’ve always said that it’s not about positive or negative representations of trans people, it’s about diverse representations of trans people,” Laverne told MTV News. “The more stories of us that can get out there in the media, the more the public can get an idea of the rich tapestry of who we are.

“Every trans person can look at me and say, ‘This is me’, but now they have Caitlyn [Jenner]. Now they have Transparent. Now they have Becoming Us. They have Sense8 with Jamie Clayton. So they have these other folks to look at and say, ‘My story is being told’, and that’s deeply validating.”

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