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Laverne Cox: Plane pressure is exhausting

Laverne Cox likes to go on holidays which are very spiritual.

The 31-year-old actress stars as Sophia Burset in Netflix original women's prison series Orange Is the New Black, the third season of which has premiered today.

The show has been a runaway success which means Laverne has been globetrotting to promote it, which has positive and negative implications.

"[It's] mainly exhausting. I mean, I travel for work. But I took a mini-vacation last week to Miami. That was fun. It was very spiritual. I needed time to relax. But [the work travelling] is fun because of the people and the different cultures that I get to meet. There are fun parts in it," she assured Cover Media. "It's just the airports and being on planes and the air pressure on planes, that's all really exhausting."

The interview was conducted just before the latest series of the show hit Netflix, and Laverne was careful not to give too much away about what's in store for her character.

As a transgender woman she takes her role within the community seriously, which is why she is so pleased about some of the story lines she has this time around. They include Sophia, who is also transgender, dealing with how her transition has affected her son.

"We start off the season with the first episode being about Mother's Day. Jenji Kohan [show creator] was really interested in faith and what we believe in and also this theme of motherhood throughout the season," Laverne explained. "Seeing how Sophia navigates her motherhood – and also her fatherhood of sorts – was really interesting for me, knowing about trans-people who are parents, who often have children before they transition. A lot of trans-women have children who still think about them as dads. So that's really interesting. And so it is with Sophia, a trans-woman who is a parent and my son Michael who in many ways needs a father and not a second mother. So how does Sophia negotiate that?"

It seems there could be a lot more in store for the character too - including some beefs with her fellow inmates.

"In the trailer for season three we see that Sophia is getting in some conflict with another prisoner – may or may not," she laughed. "That may or may not be very intense."

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