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Lea Michele fearful of record

Lea Michele is nervous about showing fans the "real" her with Louder.

The 27-year-old is best known for playing Rachel Berry in hit musical show Glee, where she has showcased her talent for singing since 2009.

Her solo album Louder is due for release in February next year and the 27-year-old is nervous about trying to make it as a popstar.

"It's really scary 'cause this is all me. But I think that this is the obvious, like, natural next step. I think that Glee is the greatest blessing that's ever come into my life," she explained to MTV News. "I am so grateful to [show creator] Ryan Murphy and to, especially, to Adam and Alex Anders, who are the two guys we work on the music with. These guys have made so many dreams come true for me and they've helped me create such an awesome platform to continue in my life and accomplish more of my dreams."

Lea's character Rachel has a strong personality on the show and always craves the limelight.

While she understands that many of her fans assume she's just like her onscreen alter ego, the actress is looking forward to breaking out of the mould.

"What's funny I was talking to my mom and she's like, 'This is the opportunity for people to really get to see you, who you are in a personal way,'" she smiled.

"And I'm excited about that because I've played a character for so long, singing these cover songs, which has been so awesome, and now I'm kind if ready to let people know who Lea Michele really is."

Lea was dating her co-star Cory Monteith, who passed away earlier this year following a lethal concoction of heroin and alcohol.

Two songs on her upcoming album were written after his death, which makes it a particularly heartfelt tribute.

"It's emotional and uplifting. It's empowering, and at the same time there's still those really great songs in it that are just fun and that are happy," she revealed. "There's still those bright lights and those shining moments within the album. It's just a really an incredible, somehow, explanation of what this past year of my life has been like.

"Hopefully, eventually, at some point I'll be able to tour. I know that Glee we are so lucky to have the most incredible fanbase all over the world, so I really, really hope I get the opportunity soon to do a tour, to get to see all the fans all over the world and bring this album to them."

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