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Lea Michele: I don’t do screaming

Lea Michele was worried about damaging her singing voice with too much screaming on Scream Queens, so told creator Ryan Murphy she would only yell twice.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Lea Michele refuses to scream on hit TV show Scream Queens.

The 29-year-old actress stars as Hester Ulrich in the Fox television series, co-created by Ryan Murphy.

Lea first found fame as Rachel Berry on Ryan’s previous vehicle Glee, and has since released her debut album Louder in March 2014 showcasing her incredible vocal skills.

So when it came to appearing in the scary Scream Queens, Lea insisted she would not jeopardise her singing voice by yelling too much.

"I refuse to scream on the show,” Lea told Women’s Health magazine. “Ryan Murphy [the director of Scream Queens] got me in a booth one day, and I said, 'I am screaming twice, and you're going to have to use it the entire season.' I'm a singer!"

Multi-talented Lea has also found success in the writing world, releasing You First: Journal Your Way To Your Best Life last month (September 15).

The tome follows her debut book Brunette Ambition, which featured on The New York Times Best Seller list upon its release in May 2014.

Lea is hoping her latest offering will encourage people to write in their journals, because it has been so helpful for her.

"Journaling for me was always a place where I could write down what I wanted and never be embarrassed,” Lea said. “I would write things down that I was always embarrassed to say to people because I was told so often growing up that I wasn't pretty enough or there wasn't a place for me in television and that I was too ethnic.

“But I would still write down that I was going to get a TV show and that I was going to make an album, and despite what everyone was telling me outside that private time, I wrote it down. And really, I made it happen."

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