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Lea Michele: I'll do whatever Ryan Murphy says!

Glee star Lea Michele will do whatever TV writer-and-producer Ryan Murphy asks her to do.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Actress Lea Michele trusts writer Ryan Murphy with her life, so got on board with playing a character who likes sleeping with dead people.

The 29-year-old star got her big break as Rachel Berry on hit show Glee, which was also helmed by Ryan, along with Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. The trio's latest project Scream Queens sees Lea join a host of fellow big actresses, including Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Lea's character Hester is first introduced in the show, which follows a murder at a university, wearing a neck brace. Plenty of odd scenarios pan out and the star was happy to oblige her bosses' requests.

"Ryan and Brad and Ian are geniuses, and they get it right. They get it right as a duo, and they get it right as a trio. So I trust Ryan with my life - literally, my career, my life, whatever the f**k he wants me to do," Lea told Entertainment Weekly. "You want me to wear a neck brace and talk about how I love having sex with dead bodies? I’m all yours. He gets it right. There are innovators right now in television. We are in a golden age, we are in a renaissance of television. And there are people that are paving the way, and these are those guys. And I will hold their hand down the path 100 per cent."

After having stolen the spotlight in musical show Glee, Lea was happy to take the sidebar in the pilot of Scream Queens. Hester says and does little in the beginning, instead lending her subtle presence to the bigger picture - a role the brunette actress is pleased to have embraced.

"I’ve had my moment, and this is an incredible supporting role that I think is exactly what I’m craving right now. But to play with the physical comedy aspects of this character has been the most fun," she smiled, adding that Will Ferrell was one star who she loved watching on screen when growing up. "I just loved people that were gawky and used their body but still didn’t make it stupid. It was still funny and real."

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