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Lea Michele: Life is good

Lea Michele has overcome tragedy and emerged stronger and happier than ever.

The Glee star, 28, went through an incredibly tough time in 2013 when her then-boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith died aged 31 after mixing heroin and alcohol.

It was hard for Lea to pick herself up afterwards, but she's now overcome tragedy and is feeling better than ever.

“I couldn’t be happier in my life right now,” she assured FOX411.

“I think I’ve done a really good job where I try to keep my life as private as possible. I definitely feel, personally, in my life right now so happy and so strong. I think it’s important to have your home life be as grounded so that you can just go to your job and do your absolute best.”

Things are going swimmingly professionally too, with Lea landing a part in comedy-horror TV series Scream Queens. It focuses on a sorority pledge gone wrong and someone's quest for vengeance.

While Glee had the feel-good factor, Scream Queens is a lot darker.

“It’s a completely different world in horror, it’s a lot more difficult,” she admitted. “This is challenging working with a balance of comedy and horror.”

Joining her on set are Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis. Working with a new set of actors has also helped Lea develop her skills.

“[Emma] challenges me as an actress, because to have someone every day, [who] comes prepared and knows their lines and gives it to you on every take, you have to be on your absolute best," she smiled.

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