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Lea Michele: Scream Queens is unparalleled

Lea Michele “couldn’t be more grateful” to have been cast in Scream Queens because it has given her the opportunity to showcase a different set of acting skills.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Lea Michele admits her new Scream Queens role is “so outside of the box”.

The 29-year-old actress shot to fame playing the good girl Rachel Berry in musical television show Glee.

While Fox’s Scream Queens has Glee creator Ryan Murphy as its executive producer, the programme is a lot darker and in an entirely different vein than his former vehicle.

And Lea was thrilled he considered her to play the role of Hester Ulrich in Scream Queens because it enables her to showcase a difference set of acting skills.

“I'm so grateful to [Scream Queens executive producers] Ryan [Murphy] and Brad [Falchuk] and Ian [Brennan] for creating yet another amazing role for me," Lea told Entertainment Weekly magazine.

"This is so outside of the box for me, and what a great thing after six seasons of Glee to show everyone a totally different side of who I am. I couldn’t be more grateful."

Scream Queens tells the story of Wallace University’s Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, led by Emma Roberts’ character Chanel Oberlin.

When Jamie Lee Curtis’ Dean Cathy Munsch threatens to close down the sorority, its members band together in an attempt to save it. The first season centres on their mission to rescue the sorority and also the reemergence of a serial killer at the university, known as the ‘Red Devil’.

Lea’s character Hester wears a neck brace due to having scoliosis. But the next episode in the series sees her given a drastic makeover – much to the disgust of Abigail Breslin’s character, Chanel #5.

"That was a really fun episode to film because it's when Lea's character Hester gets her makeover into a Chanel, which Chanel #5 is completely and totally outraged by," Abigail told EW. "She had already gotten rid of one Chanel and now she's gaining another Chanel and that's just a lot."

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