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Lea 'staying single on Glee'

Lea Michele isn't ready for a new onscreen boyfriend yet, but it could be on the horizon in the future.

The actress portrays Rachel Berry on the musical show and earlier this year the whole cast were rocked by the death of co-star Cory Monteith.

Cory played Rachel's on/off boyfriend Finn Hudson on Glee and was also in a relationship with Lea in real life.

Following his tragic passing from a drug overdose, the new series won't see Rachel moving on yet.

"It is true that Lea doesn’t want to move fast into another relationship so quickly from the loss of Finn,” a source revealed to Hollywood Life.

"The show is going to take things naturally and make things as real as possible and have her deal with the loss and issues that come from it.”

The new series of Glee has promised to address 31-year-old Cory's death and recently filmed a tribute episode for the star.

While neither Lea nor her character is ready to think about a new relationship yet, there could be some romance in later episodes.

“Will there be love in the future? Most likely, but they are going to tread lightly and be respectful with the process as much as possible,” the insider continued.

“Rachel, for the remainder of the show, is going to be a version of Lea that she wants to show to her fans. Cory and Finn will not be forgotten and that will be shown throughout the rest of the series.”

The fifth season of Glee will premiere on September 26.

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