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LeBlanc’s handyman talents

Matt LeBlanc has spoken about his knack for fixing broken things around the house.

The 47-year-old actor is known for his acting and comedic chops, starring on hit series Friends and, more recently, Episodes. But he says his earlier career as a carpenter has taught him how to get things fixed efficiently around the house, too.

“I fixed a loose toilet seat yesterday,” Matt told People magazine. “I was a carpenter before I was an actor. That's what I went to school for, so I'm pretty handy.”

Clearly, his career in show business took off so he stopped the trade professionally. But he says he still makes himself useful around the house, not just mending things but also putting family recipes to good use.

“Spaghetti sauce from scratch,” he recalled, when asked about the last thing he cooked. “My mother would have my head if I told you [what’s in it]. No matter what I’m cooking, if I ask my daughter if she wants to go out for sushi, she’ll say yes, so I better learn how to make sushi. It'll be cheaper.”

And Matt’s culinary prowess is apparently matched by his ability to access his emotions. He even revealed he shed tears when watching a children’s movie with his 10-year-old daughter Marina.

“Last night I watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 with my daughter. When the dad gets killed, she looks at me and goes, ‘Are you crying?’ I go, ‘No, are you?’ And then we both teared up a little bit,” he confessed.

Despite Matt’s seemingly lovable nature, he is single. Us Weekly reported this week that he and girlfriend of eight years Andrea Anders broke up.

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