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Lena Dunham: I don't know why I'm shocking

Lena Dunham feels she can explain parts of her book to people who have criticised it.

The American actress hit the big time with TV show Girls, which she stars in and also writes.

She plays lead Hannah in the series and is known for getting naked on screen, something she has been both praised and slammed for.

Her debut book of personal essays, Not That Kind of Girl, has also drawn criticism, especially the sexual episodes 28-year-old Lena describes.

"It is always surprising the things that offended people. As long as I am doing this, I don't think, I will ever be able to predict it," Lena told British newspaper Metro.

"But I feel lucky that I have the opportunity to release statements on both issues."

Following the book's release, Lena was forced to explain one story about her bribing her sister Grace with candy in exchange for a kiss on the lips when they were children.

"In my Time magazine statement, about what I'll call Sistergate 2014, and in my Buzzfeed piece about sexual assault, I got to express myself. But there will be people who will never be satisfied with any explanation; nothing will ever be enough for them," she sighed.

Amid the controversy Lena is still riding the wave of success with Girls, which once again bagged several Golden Globe nominations at this year's ceremony.

She's also loved up with musician Jack Antonoff. The pair recently had to deny wedding rumours after Lena was spotted wearing what looked like an engagement ring. It was in fact a friendship token from Girls co-writer Jenni Konner.

"You can have a season of television coming out, and you can have a book that has come out.

And the thing that gets people the most excited is the possibility that someone might want to marry you," Lena said.

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